About Us


Our Company

Dongguan Baolai Metal Can Co., Ltd,established in 2012,it’s one of well-known tinplate packaging containers manufacturers in China. Main products are:edible&chemical oil can, round,square and other types cans, complete varieties and specifications.Our factory has strong R&D and technological strength, advanced equipment,have a group of senior professional and technical personnel.Has 12 advanced equipment production lines imported from Germany,Japan,Taiwan and other countries, with 150,000workshop and a daily production capacity of more than 100,000 pcs.

Our Advantage

As a high-tech enterprises,we set precision die research and development, manufacturing and precision continuous stamping, precision assembly in one.Products have obtained SGS, Intertek, ISO 9001/14001, LFGB,etc certification.Through more than ten years of unremitting efforts, we have won a number of honors and awards, and successively won the titles of "advanced enterprises in Guangdong Province",etc.

With advantages of Harder quality &Opaque,&good sealing&foodgrade&anti-corrosion& anti-rust. Tinplate can provides an airtight system which completely isolates environmental factors besides heat.Based on international environmental management standard ISO-14000, tinplate cans with low pollution, recyclable and resource-saving characteristics will have a broader development space for future packaging applications.