Drying process of ink

In tinplate printing production, ink drying is a complex physical and chemical reaction process.

It is necessary to control the drying speed of ink reasonably and grasp the physical and chemical mechanism of ink drying, so as to effectively carry out rapid printing operation and ensure product quality. If the ink is dried too fast, it will reduce the normal transfer performance of the ink and affect the normal production; it will cause the imprint to become empty, the ink color will become lighter, the ink will dry on the surface of the plate and the ink roller, which will hinder the ink in the transfer process; the drying layer of the plate and text will expand outward; the excessive amount of drying agent will increase the ink adsorption and the blank part will be dirty. But the ink drying too slowly can cause overprint difficulty, adhesion, adhesion, firmness reduction, easy to cause scratches in the transmission process.

Therefore, the control of ink drying speed to be appropriate, too fast and too slow are unfavorable.

Post time: Oct-19-2020