“Green packaging” concept

”The concept of “green packaging” is a kind of concept that people produce to overcome the crisis of environmental deterioration, resource shortage and energy shortage. It is a modern design concept from the perspective of human health, and it is the embodiment of humanized ideas in packaging design. The application of the concept of “green packaging” is to use natural renewable, pollution-free materials to make beautiful and practical packaging products, which not only consider the environmental requirements, but also have modern flavor. It plays an important role in the sustainable development of human environment.

With the in-depth development of commodity economy, packaging, as an important part of commodities, has been paid more and more attention by commodity producers. However, the higher the consumption capacity, the more waste generated, the greater the environmental pollution. The contradiction between packaging and ecological environment is becoming more and more prominent, which has aroused the great concern of many people of insight. The fundamental way to solve this problem is to reduce the consumption of packaging resources as much as possible, improve the packaging materials, and deepen the concept in practice. Only in this way can we minimize the pollution of the environment and the waste of resources from the source.

Tinplate packaging in line with the requirements of green packaging, favored by the majority of consumers, and tinplate packaging printing is very beautiful, perfect display of food related information. In the 21st century, the production and marketing of green products will become the mainstream. Therefore, it is urgent to promote environmental protection design of packaging.

Post time: Jan-16-2021