Hardness test of tinplate

In the past, the hardness of tinplate was tested by using the table top Rockwell hardness tester, and the hardness of hr30t was measured by ordinary steel anvil.

For many years, since the national standard GB / t2520-2000 on tinplate began to use the international general hr30tm hardness expression method, so domestic has begun to use diamond anvil to test the hardness value of tinplate.

However, a diamond anvil is needed to test the hardness of hr30tm, which is rarely available for Rockwell hardness tester made in China. It is difficult to buy a suitable diamond anvil for hardness measurement. Therefore, hr30tm hardness representation method is not widely used in domestic tinplate industry. Especially in the use of tinplate manufacturers, although people always realize that the hardness of tinplate is very important, it is related to the quality of processed products, production efficiency and enterprise benefits. However, most enterprises have not carried out hardness re inspection on the tinplate purchased.

Post time: Nov-27-2020