Requirements for green food::

1. The origin of products or food raw materials must meet the environmental quality standards of green food

2. Tinplate canned food processing must comply with the green food production operating procedures

3. Green food signs shall be printed on the tin package of green food, and there shall be explicit instructions for use, reuse and recycling

The design and identification method of the sign shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions; in addition to the provisions of GB7718, the green food label shall also comply with the provisions of GB / 13432 if it is a special nutritional food

4. The packaging, storage and transportation must conform to the green food packaging, storage and transportation standards, and the size of green food transportation package shall comply with the provisions of GB / t4892, GB / t13201 and GB / t13757.

Green food packaging and storage environment must be clean and hygienic. Appropriate storage technology and method should be selected according to the product characteristics, storage principles and requirements. The storage method can not change the green food and introduce pollution, so the storage of iron cans can meet the standard characteristics.

Post time: Jan-07-2021